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SEO Trademark Registration

How can people stoop so low for money, I simply don’t understand? Some people will go as far as to ruin an entire industry, in which thousands of people are engaged, for personal profit. About 2 years ago, a person called Jason Gambert filed a case for patenting the word ‘SEO’. The guy actually had the nerve to trademark the keyword, which is used by millions every single day! Was even the thought fair? Can one person play with the lives of millions of search engine optimizers all over the world?

Obviously one person thought the move was unfair and challenged the trademark application. Rhea Drysdale decided that she will not let one person exploit the SEO community at large. She made up her mind and decided to contest against what she felt was an unfair decision. She stood up for the entire SEO industry and fought Jason, in court, tooth and nail. It was hard and a long wait for Rhea. Although not extremely rich, she spent about $ 17,004 to fight the case. Little did the opposition realize that ownership of such a widely used trademark was unjust and that the court would realize this fact, sooner or later! However, it took two years down the line to fight for the case, as Jason was extremely shrewd and witty.

Rhea knew very well, that the entire SEO industry would be a puppet of one person if the trademark was approved. To tell you the truth, she has definitely saved my job. She has saved all us; all SEO industry owes it to her. Guys, let us do our bit here, and help her with the contributions! Rhea, all of us support you wholeheartedly.

Thanks again Rhea Drysdale…