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Updated Best SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization is an ongoing practice which is necessary to rank the positioning of different sites, to the favor of the viewer. Their web data’s are updated regularly and they rank the different sites based on some ‘typical’ factors. They are

  1. Keyword rich Title- The title is probably the most important part of your entire article. Remember, and please remember this well, if your title is not keyword rich, it is unlikely that it will be ranked higher on different search engines. You should try and guess what exactly the people will look for and give a suitable title accordingly. People will judge your article or even bother to read it only by reading your title.
  2. Keyword rich content- To secure a good ranking among different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing it is necessary that your article should be keyword rich.
  3. Fulfill the article title promise- Please remember the fact that the content of your article should stick to the keywords you are targeting as well as your title. Search engines favor those articles that are specific and keyword relevant, and may reward you with higher ranking.
  4. Long tail keywords- Research and experience has shown that it is more profitable to target specific keywords and broad keywords.For example-weight loss is a broad topic whereas weight loss for men is more specific. Using Specific keywords are likely to fetch you higher ranking due to less competition.
  5. High Quality links- Link Building is an extremely important part of SEO. Most people follow the practice of getting as many back links to their article as they possibly can. However as a smart marketer and manager, you must instead focus of getting quality links from high ranked web sites and web pages. These links boosts up your image and ranking in the eyes of the popular search engines.
  6. Better navigation- Your viewers and search engines will be impressed if you provide easy browsing and navigation to your website. The best practice is to divide your website into specific categories, and keep each web page in categories best suited for it. . This way you will be able to get all your WebPages indexed by search engines and your human visitors will be able to easily browse your website without getting lost.

Follow these simple steps to make a successful online business website.


Choose a Right SEO Freelancer India

For every online business, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the heart of success in the business. It is the process by which a search engine optimizer brings your business website to rank highly among major search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. The process of SEO is very beneficial to make more and more traffic to your website and that turns in to income. Unique content, relevant keywords and link popularity are the major factors to provide high rank in any search engine.

But choosing the right Search Engine Optimizer is also a very important for any online business success. If a good SEO can hit your business then no doubt a bad SEO can be responsible to make your business flop. So, always hire a good and experienced SEO so that you can be success in your online marketing business. There are quite number of optimizers that provide SEO services for your online business. But problem is how to choose a good and right Optimizer that satisfies your needs and requirements? Here are some tips that can get you helpful idea to choose a good Search Engine Optimizer in India.

• Never go with that Search Engine Optimizer from India that guarantee a #1 ranking in search engine because according to Google no one can guarantee for #1 ranking in search engine.

• Before selecting a Search Engine Optimizer, don’t forget to ask for references and list of client websites and some of its website success that will be helpful to find out fair idea of the services.

• Also check the PR (Page Rank) of the service provider’s website. If it cannot optimize its own site and get PR at least 3 to 5, can you think it will optimize your website? I think you should reject it.

• Also ask for keywords which ranks SEO services provider’s website. Check these keywords in different search engine. If the website doest not rank well with its own keywords, can you think, it will be helpful to rank your website in search engine? No, Never, You must reject it.

• Always hire a search engine optimizer that collects backlinks for your website from websites of good reputation.

• Do not go with those companies that use short cut tricks to optimize your website and promise you instant result of your website.

• Hire a Search Engine Optimizer from India that provides you long term solution.

• Go for that search engine optimizer that provides you continuous customer supports.

By following above mentioned tips one can select a good search engine optimizer for your online business.